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About Us

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Sheree Michelle
Founder/Owner of Savvy Wellness

Sheree is an accomplished, determined, and multi-faceted Integrative Holistic Health

Practitioner and Founder/Owner of Savvy Wellness. She studied and completed her education at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York with the world's top wellness experts and holds a Bachelor of Science degree. She continuously stays up to date on the most advanced technologies, and is currently expanding her love of learning into the world of genetics.  She is also immersed in her never-ending study of alternative medicine approaches, so that she can constantly keep up with what works best for her clients. Through her own personal health journey, she was driven to find alternative solutions to improve her own health and it sparked a passion to help others.


She loves educating and inspiring individuals to become empowered to learn about their bodies and facilitate their own self-healing. Her holistic approach to wellness is empathetic and motivates people to connect the dots in their own lives by discovering the underlying root causes of their symptoms and exploring the link of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Are you feeling off lately, but unsure why? Are you struggling with your health and

looking for answers? Having issues with sleep, energy, anxiety, hormones, pain, brain fog, toxicity, or just needing a reset? Sheree will help get you back on track with an individualized protocol.


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