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Get A BioEnergetic Scan To Discover Your Level of Wellness And To Identify Imbalances

Measuring your energetic wellness has never been easier with holistic health screening!

At Savvy Wellness, we dig deep into the heart of your health issues through the BioEnergetic Scan, a cutting-edge biofeedback technology that is rooted in the study of energy flow within the body. Imagine uncovering layers, exploring where energy stagnates, and exposing the underlying factors that impede your body’s innate healing abilities. It’s an instant “wellness tune-up!”

What if there was a non-invasive way to peek inside your body and get a detailed overview of what’s happening? To pinpoint areas of imbalance, identify potential areas for further investigation, locate sources of stress, figure out which foods might not align with your genetic makeup, spot potential allergens or toxins causing disturbances at a cellular level, and identify hormones that might be overactive or underactive. It might sound almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

We agreed. Until we personally experienced the healing benefits of the BioEnergetic Scan!

The BioScan provides a comprehensive analysis of cellular stress, anatomical systems, hormonal imbalances, toxins, environmental influencers, pathogens, brain function and nutritional sensitivities, plus more. It can identify hidden issues in the body and prioritize what needs the most attention. It offers a personalized remedy plan and includes a consultation, testing, and balancing regimen, or also known as Infoceutical (giving the body information to self-correct).

It’s hard to believe, but everything in our body including tissues and organs give off its own frequency. The benefit of this holistic health scan is that we can monitor the frequency signals and can tell if they are healthy, stressed or imbalanced. The goal is to re-educate frequencies that have begun to vibrate incorrectly back to the known found and balanced correct frequencies. You will feel better in no time!

Why You Need The BioEnergetic Scan

Imagine if you could remove energy blockages and put an end to feeling stuck in your health journey?  Your body is a healing machine. If you’ve been seeking answers and have hit a wall, then say hello to the BioEnergetic Scan and the frequency balancing that will change how your body functions. Your body speaks and we are listening to give it what it needs.

We have access to an extensive library, testing over 75,000 individual frequency signatures in your body, including systems, organs, glands, nutritional deficiencies, chemicals, pathogens, plus more. It identifies energetic functional disturbances and answers the vital question: WHY is your body not functioning optimally? By pinpointing the core issue, we empower your body to truly heal, not just mask symptoms. Everyone can benefit from getting a Bio Scan!

BioEnergetics can help address these symptoms:

How It Works:
Correct With A Balancing Regimen

You will hold 2 probes for approximately 5-10 minutes, the BioScan measures the body’s energetic responses to help determine the imbalanced frequencies. Similar to technology found in a lie detector test, the BioScan establishes the body’s baseline reading. From here, it measures variations as items are introduced from the software to test

Bioenergetic testing device.

Meridian points are the body’s energy pathways. By balancing and restoring the flow of energy in the meridians, the body gets what it needs to heal itself. Once imbalances are identified, personalized imprinted water, or in other words Infoceutical, which contain the balancing frequencies are crafted.  Think of these imprinted water drops as tailor-made operating instructions designed to facilitate your body’s self-correction. It’s like your body finally speaking its language, telling you what it needs to thrive.

Our liquid Infoceuticals contain the essential information needed in the body’s field to facilitate proper functioning. When distortions affect this information, it can lead to breakdowns in the body. Essentially, the body is in a constant state of regeneration, and when its blueprint is compromised, it can result in issues and symptoms. The balancing regimen serves as a guiding force to self-correct, utilizing resonance to reestablish integrity in the body’s energy field, enabling the body to regenerate correctly. You are on your way to healing!

Green puzzle.

Your Wellness Puzzle Completed:
Review the Results

Wellness should never be a puzzle. Our BioEnergetic scan offers a non-invasive, and comprehensive energetic evaluation. It takes a “whole-body approach” to healing, providing you with a detailed roadmap to well-being. No more plateaus; no more unanswered questions. We interpret the results immediately. It’s time to take control of your health and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Let’s be strategic and put a plan into action and get you on the road to feeling like yourself again!

Your best self could just be one BioEnergetic Scan away! Give it a try. You’ve got everything to gain. Be amazed with the results!

Be Inspired. Be Healthy. Be SAVVY!

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