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From a holistic perspective, there’s a whole lot you can do for your breast health. Like any symptom, breast disease is the result of compounded, interactive dysfunction within and between organ systems. Sound complicated? Let’s break it down and offer some education so it’s easy to understand.

A new perspective on breast health… the focus of breast health has been the symptoms, such as calcifications, cysts, lumps, bumps, fibrocystic tissue and cancer, which is why there haven’t been improvements in the statistics. We need to shift our perspective and approach to all things preventative when it comes to breast health.

Introducing the 6 Facets of Breast Health

Breast Tissue

Anatomy & Physiology 101: Each part of a woman's breast is connected to an organ system. Learn the ABCs so the rest of the facets make sense and you can begin to see the importance of a holistic approach.

Hormone Balance

Your breast tissue is dependent upon the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone. This delicate balance is dependent upon a whole array of influences, from adrenal stress and progesterone deficiency to estrogen dominance. Telltale signs of imbalance are seen in common symptoms such as hot flashes, PMS, and fatigue and can get complicated if they are not straightened out sooner than later. (Remember that we're talking about causal influences of menses, menopause, moods, and energy levels)

Immune System

Your immune system is as healthy as your lymphatic system to supply and deliver white blood cells to the whole body and to clear away waste and toxins.

Your breasts, along with every other part of your body, depend on the lymphatic flow to supply immune fighting white blood cells and to cleanse itself, how important do you think the lymphatic system is to your breast health?​ Well, like every cell in your body, the cells in your breast tissue are only as healthy and vibrant as the environment in which they live. So if you have chronic symptoms like UTIs, inflamed joints, irritable GI tract, or cold sores, you can bet that those infections are contaminating the cellular fluid throughout the entire body, overloading your lymphatic system too, making it difficult for all cells to live in a healthy environment.

Detoxification Pathways

The body has excretion pathways and detoxification pathways. Detoxification pathways are the processes within certain organs that filter and breakdown toxins for excretion. The main ones are the liver, lymph, and kidneys. Congestion and dysfunction in these organ pathways, as well as a sluggish colon, can have dire, toxic consequences for the breasts.

Nutrition and Digestion  

What you eat provides building materials and food for your cells as well as the components for physiological processes. In addition to a reliable nutrient supply, having healthy digestion and nutrient absorption are the keys to keeping your organ systems functioning optimally. Poor nutrition and chronic digestive symptoms cause silent inflammation, allergic sensitivities, and toxic build up. Over time these symptoms exhaust the immune system and adrenals, overload the lymphatic system, and eventually undermine the endocrine (hormone) system, becoming hidden accomplices to breast health issues.

Emotional Stress   

Stress is toxic and can wreak havoc on our bodies. How do we get stress out of our life?! We all have it in some form, level and degree. We get used to it and go into survival mode. A lot like inflammation, stress can be powerful, useful, and even lifesaving. It’s when it becomes chronic, mismanaged, and out of balance that it becomes problematic and even dangerous to our health.

Stress gets your attention. It can help us redefine our priorities. It can cause us to find a way to make better balance. It can slow us down when we wouldn’t have otherwise allowed that for ourselves. Chronic stress has serious health and life implications ... in fact it’s toxic. Breasts are sensitive to stress because they are highly influenced by the balance of hormones. Continually clearing our bodies of unresolved trauma energy and daily stress is powerful and necessary for deep, lasting breast health and longevity.

Pit vs. Puff?  

The number one thing you can do for breast health is doing a lymphatic drainage. The breasts lymph vessels drain into the armpits which is where a lot of lymph nodes are, and this is a common hot spot for congestion and stagnation. Do you have a pit or are you puffy? This could also be fluid retention where the lymph glands underneath the arm are not draining. Your under arms should be concave pits, not puffs.

Lymphatic therapy is a whole body approach and key to prevention as it relates to the promoting the prevention of conditions of the breast. The proper filtering and functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to the body’s ability to clear stagnant fluids, filter toxins and deliver healing oxygen.

Breast Prevention

We are a nation of Breast Disease, not Breast Health. Let’s change that conversation. We live in a very toxic world that’s affecting our health and well-being every day. It’s full of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and medications. These toxins can build up in your system and cause diseases, including autoimmune issues and cancers. This toxicity causes endocrine disruption in the body and causes your immune system to become interrupted. This interruption causes blockages and stagnation of the lymphatic system (which delivers the immune response). Toxins can attach to the lymph fluid which is why the lymph becomes blocked and stagnated causing diseases.

Toxins are being ignored and they hugely contribute to root cause of many diseases. If a woman suffers from lumpy, bumpy tender breasts, this is a tell-tale sign of toxicity. Toxins are destroying your gut, lowering your IQ, and interrupting your body’s ability to heal itself. You can heal without drugs by getting the toxins out.

Savvy Wellness uses a lymphatic device that utilizes light, sound, energies and frequencies to stimulate and vibrate the lymphatic system to get it flowing. Vibrational lymphatic therapy improves the entire circulation of the body. By allowing your body to release toxins and accumulated fluid between the cells, a healthy balance is restored. A series of treatments over time is highly recommended. Regular use improves your lymphatic flow and accelerates the detoxification of tissues. This leads to more vitality, relief of aches and pains, aids with common ailments, faster healing from surgeries, tender cystic breasts, chronic diseases such as cancer and asthma, helps rid the body of all kinds of environmental toxins.

A very common question clients ask is “Why? Why didn’t anyone tell me that this breast prevention treatment was available?” It’s because they don’t know about it. No more excuses …you know now about vibrational lymphatic drainage therapy, exists - and it works!! There is hope!

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